Frequently Asked Questions

How does this App work?
It works like most table view apps work. When the app starts up, you see a table view menu. Drag your finger up or down to see any other menu items that are above or below the screen that is displayed. Once you see the desired menu item that you want to select, just tap the selection from the menu and you go to the next screen. Depending on what you selected, you will either see the results on the next screen or you are looking at a search screen to enter either a date or your numbers for a particular game.
Using the Date Search Screen!
When you are in the Date Search screen, select a month, day and year for the date that you are looking for, then touch the 'Search' button in the upper right corner of the screen. Note: By default, the Month, Day and Year are set to the Date displayed on the screen. You only need to select the ones that you want to change. Eg. the Year is set to 2010, if you are looking for Jan, 17, 2010 - you only need to change the Month and Day and select 'Search' to get your results.
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