For the Technical Only

If you are experienced with Excel (Windows) or Numbers (Mac), We offer downloads of csv files that can be imported into your desired spreadsheet. This gives you the ability to order the data any way you want it. You can sort it by date, position of the number and any other way that you wish to see the data. The csv file contains data results from Jan. 1 2022 and will continue to be updated everyday until the end of this year. All you have to do is login to the Downloads area and click on the csv file to download to your computer. The csv files will be available after 11pm Eastern Time with the updated results every day. Pop it into your spreadsheet and analyze the data for your best choice of what numbers you want to select and play. This is only for the Technically advanced user that knows how to use speadsheets. Currently we offer the WIN4 csv file for the year of 2022 for one payment of $39.99 Most Paypal users will have an option to pay in 4 payments. This allows downloading from now to the end of the year.

Click here to get a limited sample csv file to see if this is what you would need.
Use it to import to your spreadsheet and try sorts, and queries. Try it, brfore you Buy it. Learn more about spreadsheets by using or another search browser and search for spreadsheet tutorials.

To buy into the updated Win4 daily csv file, Click the Buy Now button below. You can download it every day, but remember it is updated by 11pm Eastern Time.