Each table displays the Mid-Day and Evening numbers that we analyze.
The day range is from the current day to the day specified in the top of each table.
Example; The first table is from today to the last 7 days, the next table is from today to the last 30 days and so on.
Each number is broken down into 3 positions ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd ).
Each column - 1st, 2nd and 3rd position displays a number and how many times that number was drawn in that position of the number within that timeframe.

Let's say we want to find the most popular numbers drawn for the Mid-Day number within the last 7 days.
We would look at the 'In the Last 7 Days' table and simply scan the 3 position columns from top to bottom.
Where the top is the most drawn number and the bottom is the least drawn number in that position.
To the right of each number drawn is the number of times that number was drawn for that timeframe. Eg. from today for the last 7 days.
If you want to play the most popular numbers.
You simply look at the top number in each position and you have the number you want to play.
As you look at the other tables with the longer day ranges.
You will notice the difference between the most and least drawn numbers.
Here more data is provided to the popularity over a longer period of time.

Doesn't it make sense to use numbers that were drawn more often. Well if you are the type of person that likes to play on statistics, then this is the page to bookmark and check with as the information is updated daily.

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